Your Journey to the Unit4 Cloud - Giving you the edge to boost performance

Why the Cloud is right for your business, and how to get there

At our recent virtual X4U event we heard from our CEO, Mike Ettling, and our Chief Product and Technology Officer, Claus Jepsen, who discussed the Unit4 Cloud strategy, why this is key for innovation, and what this means for our customers. If you want to learn more about your Journey to the Unit4 Cloud check out these pages for Unit4 ERP7 and Unit4 ERP6 and below.

Power Up with the Unit4 Cloud

In this presentation, Unit4’s CEO Mike Ettling explains why the Cloud is so important, and how it can power up your:

  • Technology
  • Strategy

  • Performance
  • People

The Journey to the Unit4 Cloud

In Claus’s presentation, the details the journey to the Unit4 Cloud for our customers and the innovation the Cloud enables. Watch this presentation to learn:

  • What the Unit4 Cloud is
  • What Unit4 ERP Continuous Release (CR) means
  • What the journey to the Cloud looks like

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