Take your mission further in the cloud

Three reasons nonprofits need cloud transformation

Efficiency and flexibility

Discover greater efficiency and collaboration in the cloud.

Better decisions faster

More connected data speeds up decision-making and boosts accuracy.

Innovations and savings

The cloud’s greater connectivity reduces upgrade costs and speeds up innovation.

What our customers say?

When we met the people at Unit4 we were impressed by their true understanding of the sector. We were convinced they would be able to help us get this very complex implementation done successfully

Fiona Buruma
Director of Finance and Operations, War Child

Digital transformation for Oxfam America
with ERP in the cloud

Farah Abbas, Oxfam America’s Director of Technology and Information Management System, discusses Oxfam’s implementation of Unit4 cloud ERP (during COVID) and what they learned about:

  • Building resilience in times of crisis
  • The need for flexibility when adopting new technologies
  • The benefits of committing to configuration over customization
Catholic Mission

See how Unit4 ERP in the cloud streamlined Catholic Mission’s finances to provide greater mission support for their projects.

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Global Green Growth Institute

How is GGGI’s new Unit4 ERP in the cloud creating a single, connected finance solution that cuts financial close processing time by 50%?

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Medical Teams International

Medical Teams Int. now has a modern, connected Unit4 ERP in the cloud that supports life-saving medical care worldwide, but how did they get there?

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Digital transformation. It's a journey, not a destination - or is it?

A customer conversation with Habitat for Humanity International and Medical Teams International

We’ve always talked about digital transformation as a journey, not a destination – But is that how customers see it? Join us for a discussion with three very different nonprofit organizations going through their transformation journeys. And get their thoughts on:

  • The current state of nonprofit digital strategy
  • How digital strategies have changed
  • The challenges and benefits of upgrading back-office tech
National Oceanography Centre

Take a look at why NOC’s platform spanning HR, finance, procurement, and project planning solution is such a success.

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Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NWMO)

Uncover the tech spearheading NWMO’s long-term strategic growth and how it has made them more agile and adaptive.

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War child

How is Unit4 ERP in the cloud helping transform War Child’s processes to give them more time to spend on their vital mission?

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