Moving your ERP7 to the Unit4 Cloud

It’s time to get started. And this is how to do it.

Why Unit4 Cloud?

A modern ERP is your catalyst for transforming your people and processes, but you need to set it free in the Unit4 Cloud.

Moving your ERP7 to the Cloud is the easiest way to achieve more and drive success across your business amid widespread disruption. We want to share with you the features and benefits of the Unit4 Cloud and what migration paths are available to Unit4 ERP7 customers. Your journey starts with a Cloud Migration Assessment, and you can learn all about it below.

The Unit4 Cloud Strategy - Giving you the edge to boost performance

In this presentation, Unit4’s CEO, Mike Ettling, explains the Unit4 Cloud strategy, why this is key for innovation, what this means for our customers, and how the Cloud can power up your technology, strategy, performance, and people.

The ERP Journey to the Unit4 Cloud

Watch this presentation by Claus Jepsen, Chief Product and Technology Officer at Unit4, to learn what the journey to Cloud ERP looks like, and why the Cloud is key to future success and innovation.

  • What is the Unit4 Cloud
  • What is Unit4 ERP Continuous Release
  • What the journey to the Cloud looks like

Benefits of the Unit4 Cloud

Efficiency and flexibility

Make working together easier and everyone more efficient and flexible

Better decisions faster

Keeps you focused on your "core business" and helps you make better decisions

Reduce upgrade costs

Speeds up innovation and digital transformation as well as reducing upgrade costs.

What do our customers say?

"Unit4 has been a great partner for many years and Business World [Unit4 ERP] has delivered strong operational benefits. Moving to the Cloud has made us even more streamlined and effective and has allowed us to take advantage of improving technology faster."
Mary Kent, Head of IT Programmes, NRS

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What is Unit4 Cloud?

Before we have a closer look at the value of moving to the Cloud and how to get there, let’s take a quick look at everything you need to know about the Unit4 Cloud:

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The business value of moving your ERP7 to the Cloud

Cloud ERPs aren’t just more efficient; they’re also cost-effective. We see customers moving to the Cloud, making significant savings, and enjoying multiple benefits every month. We want to share with you what business-critical outcomes can be constantly measured and monitored for value and how you can achieve increased agility, improved insights, and elevated engagement.
Learn more by downloading our infographic below, read the blog, or watch the webinar above to see the business value of moving to the Cloud.

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What are the key benefits of the Cloud for our customers?

Different sectors have different needs in their path to the Cloud - and no two organizations are alike. Unit4 has over 40 years of experience in helping people and service-centric organizations navigate their Cloud journey. Click on one of the tiles below to hear customer stories and see how we're helping organizations like yours make the move.

Professional Services

Public sector


Higher education


How the Cloud is changing security

Cloud security and cybersecurity are high on the list of threats to an organization and security leaders must be able to prioritize their team’s time and budget to focus on high-priority issues and solutions. In the below webinar we will take you through the safety measures added to Unit4 SaaS products to ensure security and compliance are robust. We will also discuss cloud shared responsibilities, control and data safety when migrating to the cloud, and much more. You can also read this blog on the same topic, or visit this page to learn more.


 Your Cloud journey from ERP7 to the Unit4 Cloud in three steps

What does the migration path to the Cloud look like for ERP7? Check out this infographic to learn the high-level overview of the three steps. For more details, check out the webinar below.
The critical initiation  phase and Cloud Migration Assessment
Plan & prepare, Transform, Deploy
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Business us usual
Enjoy the benefits of a modern  Cloud ERP solution
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What does the onboarding to the Unit4 Cloud look like, and what do the steps include in more detail? 
In this video we’re looking at:
  • Why customers are moving to the Cloud with Unit4.
  • What to keep in mind to structure your Cloud journey in the best way.
  • The onboarding plan, the steps of your Cloud journey, and what those steps include.
  • What a Cloud Migration Assessment is, and why is it valuable.
Your journey to Unit4 Cloud starts with a Cloud Migration Assessment:
Get visibility of your Cloud readiness. Start your journey to the Cloud by evaluating your current solution and needs with our Cloud Migration Assessment. You can learn the details in this factsheet. It will provide all the necessary details to map out your migration path. 

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