Excel is no longer an appropriate tool for a modern financial function

Cloud-based FP&A can liberate financial teams with efficiency savings, improved collaboration, and forward-thinking processes

Discover the benefits of integrated FP&A software

Automation capabilities can liberate
teams to focus on forecasting
Data consolidation times are greatly
Dashboards and other interactive views
improve forecasting and collaboration
Productivity and user experience increases
with advanced reporting capabilities
Improved forecasting means scenario
planning can build more agility
Finance teams can work simultaneously
and remotely on the same asset and get
real-time updates
“We needed to take control of our business planning and forecasting processes. In the complex NHS finance environment, spreadsheets struggled to cope”

Alison Upton, Finance Manager | Bedfordshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Issues caused by Excel:
  • A lack of version history tracking can lead to poor collaboration and inaccuracies
  • Excel uses data siloes by design and can’t integrate data from other key business functions
  • Data consolidation times are particularly long
  • Security is particularly at risk in Excel
  • Inefficiencies mean finance teams aren’t used optimally
  • Very little forward-thinking insight or data forecasting

Excel isn’t a suitable solution for modern organizations

Where Unit4 FP&A excels

In this infographic, understand the issues of Excel through the eyes of a financial professional, as well as where the solutions lie within FP&A software.

Break free from spreadsheets and achieve excellence beyond Excel

In this eBook we provide 5 considerations modern finance teams should be looking for.

Unit4 FP&A vs Excel – the BARC analyst perspective

In this asset, leading analysts BARC directly compared the benefits of Unit4 FP&A over Excel, Strong ratings in several important KPIs help to consolidate our position as a market-leading CPM platform that delivers considerable benefits to its customers.

Unit4 FP&A users encounter far fewer problems than Excel users. Common issues in such as inflexibility, handling of large numbers of users, or missing functions for data integration from source systems do not seem to be a challenge for Unit4 FP&A customers.

Unit4 FP&A in the Planning Survey 2024

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Why Excel is no longer an appropriate FP&A tool for modern organizations?

Watch this session to learn how you can transform your financial planning and analysis with Unit4 Cloud FP&A.

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