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Unit4 is a people-centric business, and we place our customers at the core of our strategy.

Success4U means just that - driving support solutions and services that are tailored to your needs – in a way that works for you. Whether that is more of a self-service approach, or having us as an extension of your team to help manage alongside you. We want you to be successful – that means we are getting it right. And we pride ourselves on putting our customers at the heart of the way we work.

Key benefits:

Easy access to Unit4 expertise

Customer Community4U, or Unit4 team members

One package for everything

Customer Success, Support and Professional services

Choose the right service level for your business

Build your own journey

We want you to have a great experience with us, and we’ve created Success4U to ensure the support you receive is exactly what you need, when you need it.
Success4U throughout your journey

To help you achieve your business outcomes, you can select from three different Success4U options (Standard, Hybrid, and Professional). Whether you want to be self-driving, would like a more hybrid way of working, or where you are looking to have an extension of your team. We aim to create productive proactive engagement throughout your entire Unit4 customer journey. 


Success4U – What is it?

Watch this short explainer video that will take you through the concept of Success4U in just 2 min. What are the key benefits? What are the levels you can choose between, and what do they include? Learn all about it here.

Be surrounded by experts

Customer success team

Acts as your voice throughout the organization. Understand your business goals and objectives and want to help you get the most value out of your Unit4 services and solutions, now and into the future.

Customer support

Help you answer any questions and query, so you get the most out of your solutions.

Partner alongside customer success to help drive successful outcomes for your business. Download now

Professional services

Transferring knowledge and empowering you to set up, launch, manage and even adapt the software yourself. A dedicated team of specialists who understand your solutions, processes, system environment, customizations and integrations, as well as your business needs and challenges.

Success4U levels –
What are the service level details?

These levels are designed to enable you to define the level of long-term service with Unit4 that you need. You can change level as your organization develops over time and your needs evolve.


We need light touch assistance.


We work alongside your team - a hybrid way of working.


We need close, proactive expertise. Unit4 is an extension of our team.


Success4U - What are the service level details? 

Download this factsheet to understand the details of the three service levels; Standard, Hybrid and Professional.

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