Spend Analytics Lite for Unit4 Financials by Coda

Everything you need to know – and how to get started

Spend Analytics brings business intelligence dashboards to Unit4 Financials by Coda to give you the data you need to understand historical and current spend and help you accurately forecast for the future.
It empowers managers to make data-driven business decisions. Discover opportunities for savings and improvements. Mitigate risks through instant visibility. And eradicate manual data preparation with artificial intelligence.

Spend Analytics Lite can be integrated into Unit4 Financials by Coda in about 5 days. It’s a Cloud-only option, and a cloud environment is a pre-requisite for setup.

What is Spend Analytics Lite?

In the below demo, and in this factsheet, you can learn more about Spend Analytics Lite for Unit4 Financials by Coda customers in the Cloud, and understand:

What Spend Analytics Lite
can do for you
How Spend Analytics Lite works
The Spend Analytics requirements


How does Spend Analytics Lite work?

Demo: Spend Analytics Lite for Unit4 Financials by Coda

Check out the current functionality and key elements of Spend Analytics Lite in this short demo.


White paper: Advance your Spend Analytics

Check out this white paper to learn about how using the right spend analytics tool can help your procurement teams achieve advanced organizational efficiency and savings.

Move to Unit4 Financials by Coda in the Cloud

In order to benefit from Unit4 Spend Analytics Lite your Unit4 Financials by Coda installation needs to be in the cloud. Learn more about the Journey to the Cloud here.


Unit4 Financials by Coda Customer Update (May 2023)

Unit4 Financials by Coda will be receiving strategic investment going forward. A continuous release every quarter – subject to requirements – will ensure longevity and innovation in the product and will keep the Unit4 People Platform growing in line with the needs of the Coda community. Watch this on-demand recording to learn more about Unit4’s ongoing strategic commitment to Unit4 Financials by Coda, including a short presentation and demo on Spend Analytics Lite.

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