Discover the Keys to Project Profitability

Delivering projects on time, in scope, and within budget are key to project success.

So why leave the profitability of ever-more complex and diverse projects to chance?

Why operate blind without access to the insights that protect you from risk?

The tools are available to grow project margins and lead the journey to higher profitability across the business.

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    SPI Whitepaper: IT Services Excellence

    This analyst paper will show you current project profitability trends and benchmark KPIs, so you can compare your performance in your industry.

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    E-Guide: Project Profitability

    This new E-Guide uncovers the key to profitable project execution with visibility of project margins during the entire project lifecycle.

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    Kinetic IT: Customer Success Story

    This story illustrates how an IT service organization achieves project excellence with an innovative ERP solution.

Meet Wanda - your digital assistant!

Wanda's the world first digital assistant for enterprise applications. Meet the future and see how to stay on top of your projects and margin on the go - no extra interface needed, just use your favorite communication app.

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A practical perspective on profitable project execution.

Get a first-hand insights from project business veterans Henk Jan Onstwedder and Jeroen Figee as they share their experiences from hundreds of customer projects.

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Execute profitable projects with self-driving technology


Self-driving PSA can help you achieve revenue and margin targets with 360-degree visibility and control of projects, plan schedule, costs and budgets.

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Plan for Profit from the Start

Create the best project plan with multiple “what if” scenarios, so you can see how profit is affected by each different scenario. Combine predictive analytics with an intelligent user experience and process automation to turn past projects into references for profitable service delivery in the future.
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Manage Time & Expenses

Eliminate hours of manual work, and enable the consultant to focus on more important activities. Unit4’s digital assistant can help your consultants with timesheets and purchasing, using natural language to handle all your business needs on Skype, Slack and other popular chat apps.
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Accurate Project Forecast

Benefit from a full visual overview of project performance while enabling users to calculate a project forecast, based upon actual costs, compare profit and revenues against the baseline and track project percentage complete.
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Analyzing Project Impact on Profit & Loss

Get a clear understanding of current project profitability across the entire project portfolio, and advise if there is room to grow project margins. Ad hoc and in-memory analysis capabilities can help you look at project data from different angles and enrich the analysis by incorporating additional data.

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