Nonprofits: tough enough?

Nonprofit resilience is being tested. Is being tough enough to survive?

On-demand video

Despite dire predictions of extreme social, health, and financial uncertainty, we know nonprofits to be incredibly resilient. But is that enough, or is a different approach necessary this time? 

We invite you to watch our recent discussion with Roman Lerman of Accenture Development Partnerships (ADP), about:

  • Automating operational administration
  • Proactive planning and budgeting for possible futures
  • Optimizing the use of available funding and resources.

The communities you serve have been hit hard by the crises facing the world. But with public confidence eroding, coupled with fluctuating incomes, make this the time for strategic changes that prioritize governance and help you focus on delivering more impact with the resources you have.


  • Roman Lerman – Global Technology and Digital Lead, Accenture Development Partnerships
  • Chris Brewer – Unit4 Global Lead, Nonprofit

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