Cloud Thoughts 4U: Inside the mind of a CIO

How to bridge the gap between data and personalized employee experience

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Join us for a chat with Shiv Gopalan, CIO at Unit4

Motivation is what makes a business successful, especially in the people-focused services sectors. So today's CIOs must deliver engaging, supportive people experiences to make social and digital revolutions happen. But as workplaces diversify, how do you make these experiences right for everyone? 

Technological innovation lets you personalize employee experience. But this level of engagement and culture change will be too much for HR to deliver alone.

So emerging technology will play a critical role in transforming workplace engagement. Because with the right technology and culture, personalization is possible.

In this conversation, we interview Shiv Gopalan about:

  • how personalizing employee experiences needs a combination of emerging technology and the right cultural mindset
  • his role in building and delivering Unit4's digital transformation and cloud strategy
  • changes that Unit4 made to prepare for the cloud and successfully embrace it
  • key insights he can share with cloud leaders

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Shiv Gopalan
CIO, Unit4

Shiv is a senior professional with experience in digital transformation and interacting with business stakeholders. Bringing a balance of technical knowledge and human skills to the environment he works in. And enjoys driving outcomes, not just programs.

Bonami Meredith
Account Manager, Unit4

Bonami Meredith is a Unit4 Account Manager, focusing on working with universities who want to embrace digital transformation and the potential of cloud solutions to achieve their organizational objectives.