Does your educational institution offer a professional student development program?

Improving graduation rates is a way to ensure your students see a return on their education investment. It can also increase alumni donations later. To successfully raise graduation rates, your school needs a proven way to address the needs of non-traditional learners, identify students that are at risk for failing and encourage productive academic behavior.

Creating flexible class schedules, preparing students right at orientation and getting feedback from students are great steps to help meet all the needs of your students. Involving their instructors more and creating a retention team can also aid in keeping students on track. Also make sure to take a look at our student management system.

By downloading this student development white paper, you will:

  • See how Unit4 solutions for data collection can help improve graduation rates and professionalize student development
  • Learn comprehensive strategies to keep students on track to graduate
  • Understand how to create innovative solutions for raising graduation rates over the long-term

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