Successful research funding strategies are key to helping your school's valuable research flourish

Any fundraising strategy must focus on building meaningful connections and trust with alumni and other donors. The message must be relevant, inspiring and consistent too. To successfully get donations, you not only need to be strategic about how you communicate; you also need to be persistent and make use of the latest technology available.

Digital solutions from Unit4 allow you to automate the process, streamline databases, secure data and make it simpler to actually donate money. Such solutions also make personalizing the pitch much more possible. Also make sure to take a look at our financial aid software to help increase funds for research.

By downloading this research funding white paper, you will:

  • See how Unit4's suite of solutions can engage prospective donors across multiple platforms
  • Learn the importance of using CRM, or "customer-relationship management," software to strengthen data collection
  • Comprehend the potential of Unit4's software to help funding strategies succeed
  • Understand how to make the fundraising process more efficient

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