Take control of your organization’s pay narrative

Your route to a unified compensation strategy, pay transparency, and a happier, more engaged workforce.

New ways of working are making many organizations re-examine their talent retention strategies. And with 80% of people believing their paid unfairly, this means revisiting the question of compensation.

Unit4 Compensation Planning is here to help you address the challenge of balancing competitive pay and benefits with your overall talent strategy and wider company goals. We’ve created this page to introduce you to exactly what it can do.

A new way to plan compensation

Effective compensation planning is a vital part of keeping your people engaged, productive, and performing to the best of their ability. Check out our brochure to learn how Unit4 Compensation Planning helps you plan, make, and communicate pay decisions via a single source of truth for all comp and benefits data – all while improving pay transparency and helping you proactively address inequalities.

“Perception is reality when it comes to pay fairness. To increase employee perceptions of pay fairness, total rewards leaders must close the gap between employees’ expectations of pay and their experiences with it.”

The Future of Rewards Communications: Closing Expectations Gaps

Telling your
organization’s pay story

With organizations facing unprecedented changes in their working models, employee experience and retention are top priorities. Having the right tools to quickly analyze and act on shifting workforce data is critical. Check out this video to learn how our tool unifies compensation data to save you time and resources while ensuring fair, performance-based pay.

compensation approaches

With Unit4 Compensation Planning you can ensure pay levels reflect your people’s experience, are equitable and aligned to market values. Our solution gives you powerful insight into diversity, equity and inclusion, allows you to benchmark pay levels and make performance related pay adjustments. Helping your people understand how you’re investing in them and their skills. Check out this pre-recorded demo to see how.

Tired of using spreadsheets for comp planning?

So much time is spent on collating data and making sure formulas are accurate, that it can leave very little opportunity for the more strategic aspects of your job as a Comp professional. Unit4 Compensation Planning automates your entire budgeting, allocating, analyzing, and communication process. Allowing you to focus on developing strategies that develop and retain top talent. Watch this video to learn how.

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