Technology enhances Source-to-Contract operations

On-demand webinar

Today, sourcing takes a fraction of the time it used to because of advanced technology that leads to automated processes and streamlined communications.

Procurement teams are using Source to Contract (S2C) software throughout all industries around the world. It streamlines the vendor search and selection as well as contract award and renewal and minimizes arduous and time-consuming tasks prone to human error.

Join us on this webinar where Dan Gianfreda, Senior Director of Customer Success at Unit4 Scanmarket, will take you through all you need to know about how to overcome key Source-to-Contract operations challenges, including:

  • Driving savings, cost avoidance, and securing supply.
  • Managing third-party risk and compliance.
  • Driving ESG, GRC, Sustainability, and CSR initiatives.

We go through key procurement challenges, how to get contracts under control and streamline the contracting process, followed by a demo and best practices.

Scanmarket joins the Unit4 family


We've acquired Scanmarket to create a full Source-to-Pay procurement journey tailored for the needs of midmarket organizations. Click below for the full story!