Increase supplier competitiveness

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eAuction provides you with advanced functionality for online supplier negotiations – with a seamless end user experience. Our eAuction customers report efficiency gains of up to 60%, cost savings averaging 12% across categories on traditional procurement negotiations, and more time-sensitive pricing from their suppliers.

Create conditions for better deals

with transparent processes and a seamless experience for both buyers and suppliers that optimizes TCO and decision making – all backed with expert support.

Negotiate with more suppliers in a structured process

that removes the need for individual discussions and transparency that makes it easier to both compare like for like and increase your chances of a fairer final price agreement.

Conduct weeks’ worth of negotiating in hours

by replacing three to four weeks of discussion with suppliers into a single, one-hour process that’s truly efficient for all stakeholders.

Let our customers’ successes inspire you


One of the world’s leading pump manufacturers, Grundfos use eAuction to efficiently prequalify their suppliers – comparing their pricing and offerings side by side and quickly determining the best deal without the need for traditional RFPs.


Savings as simple as they should be

Create value through digitalization that drives savings across the entire organization. Be inspired by the successes and savings of other customers here, and the examples below.

eAuction on Recruitment generated savings of 62%,

amounting to £744,000 saved every year.

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Using eAuctions to Save Taxpayers’ Money.

Improved service and delivery options achieved 33% savings.

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Air and Sea Freight client saves more than $1 million,

which means 22,54% savings with four list e-auctions.

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Scanmarket helped Emirates Flight Catering adapt to a disrupted supply chain in only 3 days.

Check out our customer story short video to see how Emirates Flight Catering was able to pivot very quickly to develop new supply chains and find new supply partners in new geographies in order to support both staff and customers.

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eAuction is an online negotiation method. See the capabilities for yourself – watch our pre-recorded demo.


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