Transition to a modern SaaS HR Operation

Unit4 Podcast with Fosway Group

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Creating an exceptional employee experience and embracing hybrid working, whilst relying on legacy systems is a huge challenge for HR teams. The pace and complexity of change can be enormous. Achieving success will require a fresh approach, one based on modern technology, with tools that engage employees and boost performance and analytics that enable you to steer your people strategy.
In our podcast, we are joined by Sven Elbert, Head of Analyst Services at Fosway Group, Europe’s #1 HR industry analyst firm, Rachel Jordan, VP of Product Management and Heike Wiesner, Growth Director HCM, Unit4, where we look at technology, attracting and retaining talent, and obtaining the right workforce insight to enable growth and guide you on your journey to the Cloud.

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Podcast: Have you outgrown your on-premises HCM system?

We will talk about the alignment of technology and business needs, how to keep up with the speed of change in more fluid operating environments, and discuss the transition to a Cloud-based platform.