How the cloud is changing security

Modernize your security strategy with Unit4 and Microsoft in the cloud

Join our webinar to discover how the cloud is changing security

The security of business data is more relevant than ever as cybercrime continues to flourish all over the world. At Unit4, we constantly innovate and keep up to date with the latest security trends so we can protect the integrity of our customer’s data. We also leverage Microsoft cybersecurity capabilities and follow a clear software security delivery lifecycle to make sure our solutions, and your data, are kept secure.

Shifting to the cloud for security is more than a simple technology change; it’s a generational shift – akin to moving from mainframes to desktops and onto enterprise servers. Successfully navigating this change requires fundamental shifts in expectations and mindset by security teams. The modernization of your security strategy reduces some of the burdens associated with legacy approaches as you consider the more dynamic approach required by the cloud. More mature cloud platforms, like Microsoft Azure, are built with these considerations in mind.

On this webinar, you will learn:

  • Control and data safety when migrating to the cloud.
  • The regulations that ensure your data is protected in the cloud and what we do to keep your data safe.
  • The safety measures added to Unit4 SaaS products to ensure security and compliance are robust. 
  • How the infrastructure operations team ensures confidentiality, integrity, and availability while monitoring is carried out around the clock, along with the monitoring that follows Microsoft release cycles.
  • How our regular review process with root cause analysis, remediation plans, and vulnerability scanning keeps our customer’s data secure.


Benoit Dallaporta

Cloud Migration Team Manager at Unit4

Tom Ascroft

Chief Information Security Officer at Unit4

Nico Brandt

Director and Tech Pursuit Lead at Microsoft