Connected, trackable, compliant contracts

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of organizations report
they achieve a medium or high level of value
from CLM tools.

So – where’s the value coming from?

A streamlined contract management process

Simplify your business by consolidating all your contracts into one system. With a centralized repository, you are better equipped to reduce cycle times, minimize risk, and improve compliance.

Reduced exposure to
legal risk

Control authoring, and track contract versions and approvals using collaborative workflows to improve contractual compliance. Contract lifecycle management software streamlines control of contracts, data, and documentation and uses eSignatures to speed up processes and provide full audit visibility of documentation.

Secure storage of all
your contracts

Via our central contract repository – maintaining control in a collaborative environment. Using contract lifecycle management software makes it easy to gain full visibility to contract versions and the full audit trail of changes. When it comes to contract tracking and contract management, information is key.


The 4 principles of successful contract lifecycle management

Check out this infographic to learn a set of proven principles for successful contract lifecycle management strategies.

Leverage technology to analyze spend, manage contracts, and track savings

Interrogate real-time, accurate spend data with a click of a button; search for, report on, and get alerts about your contracts; automate and streamline contract lifecycle processes; track savings easily and accurately. Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how best-in-class organizations enhance finance operations with Unit4 by Scanmarket.


Infographic: 7 steps for successful contract lifecycle Management

Why is contract lifecycle management important?

Exploring the importance of contract lifecycle management and contract lifecycle management solutions to your organization, and its risk management strategies.

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Top 5 ways contract management templates can improve your work

The key benefits of contract management templates for productivity in the procurement department and across the organization, from minimized admin time to improved contract value add.

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Elements of successful contract lifecycle management

Discover the elements of successful contract lifecycle management, resource planning, and the technology that helps organizations grow and compete in global markets.

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One of the UK's premier brewers and pub operators, Marston's manages huge numbers of external commitments - all through Unit4 Contract lifecycle Management by Scanmarket. Unifying visibility, unifying their process, and all without any need for training.

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Scanmarket joins the Unit4 family

We've acquired Scanmarket to create a full Source-to-Pay procurement journey tailored for the needs of midmarket organizations.

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