Unit4 cloud and Microsoft Azure – A perfect pairing

Microsoft and Unit4 are partnering to make the cloud a catalyst for customer success. Check out the conversations below to learn how this alliance will help your business take advantage of more cloud innovations than ever.


 We believe Microsoft Azure is right for your business

Secure availability and compliance

Work anywhere, anytime, safely in Microsoft Azure safe environments

Strategic partnership

Share in the benefits of a truly strategic partnership between Unit4 and Microsoft.

Contribute to a more sustainable world

Take a big step towards becoming a carbon-neutral business

“Our customers are looking for a unified migration and modernization approach that brings together all the elements with prescriptive, best practice guidance – no matter where they are in their cloud journey.”


Run your ERP solutions on Azure to increase security, availability, and compliance

Hear best practices and challenges for architecting your ERP systems in the cloud with field-tested guidance from Microsoft and Unit4.

Five reasons to get started with Microsoft security solutions

SMBs need strong and streamlined security from Microsoft to support a hybrid workforce. This infographic will bring you up to speed.

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Securing your systems with smart solutions

A data-driven, human-guided security approach detects and responds to attacks more quickly and accurately. We share the stats with you in this infographic.

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Get cloud protection that helps keep your business safe

Small and medium-sized companies are increasingly concerned about security. This factsheet will give you insights into how Microsoft Azure can help you put strong security foundations in place today.

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Why move to the cloud, and how do you get there?

Get best practice advice from Microsoft on how to get to the cloud and innovate faster and safer. Learn more about:

  • Strategic cloud engagement
  • Framework for Horizon Planning
  • Cloud migration and modernization triggers
  • Microsoft cloud Adaption Framework for Azure

Improve your security posture in the cloud

Uncover how cloud shared responsibility keeps you safer.
Who owns the security of your cloud solution? Am I, as a customer, still responsible? In this video, we reveal our cloud responsibility model - so you can understand who delivers what and who’s responsible for keeping you safe every day in the cloud.

Local laws and regulations

How will our partnership with Microsoft keep you compliant?
Local governments and regulators are pushing for more regulations every day. But how do you keep track of new local laws and regulations? And will Unit4 and Microsoft make sure that you comply with them?

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