A CFO’s perspective – Why Move to Cloud ERP

Cloud beats on-premises ERP on overall business value.

But what does this mean for Finance? Be inspired by these CFOs – and learn from their cloud journeys and strategies.

Efficiency and flexibility

Makes working together easier and everyone more efficient and flexible

Better decisions faster

Keeps you focused on your "core business" and helps you make better decisions

Reduce upgrade costs

Speeds up innovation and digital transformation as well as reducing upgrade costs

Cloud has become ubiquitous in the enterprise – but is still a relatively fresh choice in ERP. We want to help you evaluate its financial and business impacts - especially in terms of business agility, which tops the list of business benefits when moving to the cloud. Be inspired and learn best practices from other organizations, like the CFOs of IO Interactive, Qvantel, and Lunar Bank – all sharing their Cloud Journey stories.

Be inspired by the IO Interactive cloud story

In this interview, Ammara Ghulam, Head of Finance at IO Interactive shares the company’s cloud vision, the business benefits of the cloud and her best advice to organizations moving to ERP in the cloud. She also shares their achievements so far, and their plans to move to ERPx. 

The Qvantel journey to the cloud

Be inspired by Kaj Wikström, CFO at Qvantel, sharing the company’s experiences of their move to the cloud – including highlights, processes used, and benefits gained. He shares their story of how rapid global growth called for a new way of working, challenges on the way, but also their achievements so far. 

Why Lunar Bank chose Unit4 ERP in the cloud

Jonas Larsen, CFO at Lunar Bank, shares why Unit4 ERP was ticking all the boxes when his organization was searching for a new ERP-system – including a strong cultural fit – and the background on choosing Unit4 ERP in the cloud. Jonas also shares insights on their implementation journey, and the great collaboration with Unit4 as a business partner.


Understanding the value of SaaS ERP

Fully calculating the value offered by any SaaS solution requires a much more careful consideration of everything from TCO to total realizable benefit. In this blog from our VP of Value Engineering Sridhar Parameshwaran we explore how you can develop a business case that illustrates the full value of a SaaS ERP platform to your organization.

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Constellation report:

Unit4’s latest efforts in reimagining the ERP platform have been received with yet more analyst praise – this time from Constellation Research and the report “Unit4 changes the ERP Market with its EAP Platform”


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