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Invest in the future by building organizational resilience

To be resilient, organizations need to be able to anticipate, prepare for, respond, and adapt to both incremental change and sudden disruptions to survive and prosper.

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A single source of real-time data is essential for timely, informed decision-making and driving innovation.
  • 79% business leaders say legacy systems are a barrier to innovation
  • 88% finance leaders don’t have the tools they need to automate repetitive tasks
  • 66% organizations do not have the data they need at their fingertips

Outdated, legacy ERP systems that can’t automate time-consuming, manual processes can hinder an organization’s progress and weaken its ability to adapt and recover.


Cultivating talent with the right skills is essential for resilience and flexibility.


Automation, simplification, and data visibility are key as people spend 1/3 of their time on admin.


49% of respondents in a recent McKinsey survey believe tech innovation will have the greatest impact in the next 20 years.

What does space travel have to do with resilience?

Find out from our CEO as he discusses how failing fast can enable organizations to adapt and scale through testing, learning from mistakes, analyzing the data, and readying teams to start again.


Building Business Resilience, the podcast

Hear what Mickey North-Rizza, Group VP, Enterprise Software at IDC has to say about Building Business Resilience in this podcast with Bryce Wolf, Senior Manager, Industry Solutions at Unit4 as they discuss how organizations must look at their spending and invest wisely to ensure future resilience.

Organizational Resilience: Why it matters and how to improve it

Organizational resilience helps to ensure organizations’ readiness, reliability and flexibility, enabling them to turn risks into opportunities and evolve weaknesses into strengths. To achieve organizational resilience, businesses must nurture their people and take advantage of technology to implement and truly prepare for change.


New perspectives on organizational resilience

To help organizations understand how they can improve their resilience to succeed in this changing world, we’ve commissioned a new white paper analyzing expert commentary on this topic, because we believe organizational resilience must move higher up the agenda for every board. Find the most important findings from the report in our blog.

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