Making the case for accelerated change

The Business Future Index Report 2022


Business Future Index 2022 report

Check out our full white paper report of this year's findings for a comprehensive look at how embracing acceleration brings rewards in everything from people strategies to ESG, your bottom line, and improved technology adoption and employee engagement.

Interactive eBook: The business case for accelerating change

When the world closed its doors in 2020, businesses were faced with a choice: hope for the best, or rise to the challenge of innovating their way out of uncertainty. Those who took the plunge have experienced a huge degree of acceleration in areas that would otherwise have gone unchanged for months or years. This has led to a huge positive change in the way organizations – and their people – work. Risks really to breed rewards.

In this eBook we explore Unit4’s 2022 Business Future Index and the impact and benefits of acceleration, and what they means for businesses.


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Learn how this year’s research demonstrates the business case for transformation and its effects on your bottom line, people experience, and ESG.

The bottom line

Embracing change and innovation in times of crisis can help you survive and thrive through economic uncertainty.

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People strategies

Current talent acquisition and retention strategies aren’t working. Here’s what organizations can do differently.

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Environmental Social and Governance (ESG)

More efficient organizations are making bigger strides with ESG – and reaping the benefits in both financials and talent acquisition.

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