Leverage technology to analyze spend, manage contracts, and track savings

On-demand webinar

Interrogate real-time, accurate spend date with a click of a button; search for, report on, and get alerts about your contracts; automate and streamline contract lifecycle processes; track savings easily and accurately. Strong Source-to-Contract solutions make all of the above easily achievable.

Welcome to this webinar, where Dan Gianfreda, Senior Director of Customer Success at Unit4 Scanmarket, will take you through all you need to know about how to overcome key challenges, including lack of:

  • accuracy and visibility of spend data, time-consuming, manual process to prepare spend data for analysis, and tail spend or maverick spend.
  • visibility and control of contracts and associated metadata, lack of understanding of spend under contract, and costly contract over-runs.
  • visibility of savings pipeline, difficulty tracking or reconciling realized savings, and incongruent approaches to tracking savings.

We also share some key best practices, followed by a demo showing how technology can help overcome these key challenges.

Scanmarket joins the Unit4 family


We've acquired Scanmarket to create a full Source-to-Pay procurement journey tailored for the needs of midmarket organizations. Click below for the full story!