Unit4 for Real Estate

Unit4 enables for Real Estate business a rapid and straightforward digitalization without headaches, with short implementation time, fast value creation and significant savings.

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Why Unit4?

Unit4 is in business for People since 1980, operating in 28 countries worldwide, proud to have more than 6000 customers all over the world, leading the market with tailor-made Real Estate solutions in Nordics countries.

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Our solutions for Real Estate industry

Easy-To-Use user interface

Standardized, intuitive user interface for all users

The World's most secure Cloud

Microsoft Azure platform stores and processes data

Flexible & Scalable

Configurable to individual needs for businesses of any size

Comprehensive software solution

A fully modular system using one single source of truth

Unit4 helps Real Estate with an all-round solution

Unit4 combines industry expertise with ultra-modern technology to permanently strengthen the Real Estate market. Say yes to digitalization, but not at any cost. Begin with a powerful, flexible solution that covers your core processes.

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Optimize your Enterprise Ecosystem with Unit4 Industry Mesh​

Data sharing breaks down silos. Make efficient use of data with connectors tailor-made for Real Estate.​ Guarantee that the most comprehensive and accurate data is delivered to your teams to enable them to make the best strategic decisions.​

Business cloud solutions for Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry firms

Watch how we can help you tackle the rise in customer demands, added project complexities and constant regulation changes or delays.​
Unit4 doesn’t do things half way.
The system is fast, adaptable, and easy to use.

Nicola Haigh
Finance system admin

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Adapt and optimize for growth with Unit4 ERP

Unit4 ERP helps finance, HR and planning teams to adapt quickly and grow revenues without needing to increase manpower. We do this through a suite of flexible and personalized ERP capabilities specifically tailored to real-estate organizations.

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Your benefits from digitalization 

The real estate industry is currently one of the least digitalized industries in Germany - the players are waking up. 
Significant savings through digitalization

Employees can concentrate on value-adding tasks

Real estate roundtables

Unit4 combines the classic real estate world with "new" prop tech in a holistic approach

Reduce implementation time

Optimize workload, bill accurately, run profitable projects

Unit4 solutions tailored to Real Estate businesses

Our software takes care of these core processes - make them your core too!
So that you can focus on what really matters!

Construction & Project specific applications

Cost Control
Project Management
Activity and Resource Monitoring

Asset- & Property Management
Property Management
Contract Management
Lease Management
Service Management
We regard our relationship with Unit4 as a partnership based on trust.
Wherever our strategy takes us, Unit4 will play a central role in all the changes.

Anna Malmros
Finance Manager

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Real Estate industry-specific, intuitive user interface
on a modern cloud platform

Finance and Controlling

General ledger
Accounts receivable and payable
Fixed asset accounting
Planning, budgeting, and forecasting
Sales and operations planning


Project budgeting
Project staffing
Travel expenses
Project invoicing
Revenue deferral
Time tracking


Payment processing
Contract management
Cost analysis


Applicant management
Employee engagement
Skills management

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