Focus on facts

To stay on top of your project-focused business, you need to see and understand data at all times so that instantaneous and informed decisions can be made at a glance. Here is how:

  • Free yourself from decision-making based on distributed, amended and recompiled spreadsheets.

  • Create a Project Lifecycle Management ecosystem, based on a single version of the truth.

  • Use collaborative technologies and advanced analytics to align strategy, business and budgets.

Learn how dashboard overviews let you drill down into the details you need to do your job and meet your goals.

  • Overview:
    Operational decision-
    making support


    Get the facts behind efficient control of the metrics that matter in Professional Services.

  • E-Guide:
    Self-service Business Intelligence


    Explore the challenges and best practices for decision-making support.

  • Overview:
    3 ways COOs can make smarter operational decisions 

    Synchronize strategy and operations for a complete view of performance.

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A smarter, integrated approach to Professional Services Automation


Standardize – automate data collection & capture

Enable all participants to work with a single, shared version of the truth that’s always complete and up to date

Optimize – streamline processes & interaction

Provide intuitive, accessible and better controlled web-based tools for better accuracy, consistency and understanding

Predict – measure performance, identify opportunities & mitigate risks

View data from different perspectives and reveal underlying trends, patterns, or insights
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Drive – engage participants & add strategic value

Free finance managers to add value and act as business partners to help stakeholders make better-informed decisions

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