Overcome Cultural Interpretation Borders: Introducing Wanda EasySpeak

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Boost people productivity by preventing cultural misunderstandings

Multinational and cross-cultural teams provide a diverse knowledge base and new, insightful approaches to business problems. However, along with the benefits of insight and expertise, Wanda Easyspeak wants to tackle the stumbling blocks faced when employees from different countries speak to one another.

Wanda Easyspeak is the world's first cultural 'translator'. The software is designed to recognize common phrases used in different cultures and will translate these to their true meaning, preventing cultural misunderstandings.

Through Machine Learning technology, Wanda EasySpeak is also capable of self-learning and becoming an advanced empathy engine.

Reader Mode

Automatically re-interpret the meaning of emails through the email client integration

Listener Mode

Provides text prompts to the listener in real time during a conversation to notice cultural misunderstandings

Moderator Mode

Voice intervention in real-time to a conference call group to ensure attendees are on the same page

Productivity Mode

Assess how long it will be before a presenter/speaker will get to the point based on cultural norms

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