How do I maximize billable hours for my project teams without burning them out?

We're living in an age of heroes. Project managers are expected to look into the future and predict what resources will be available when. Meanwhile, they are expected to make super-human efforts at managing impossibly complex projects involving global operations.

Despite the scope of these challenges, some project managers are succeeding. These people are known as Utilization Heroes. Delve into this Utilization Hero manual to discover a wealth of tips, tactics and techniques to help you win the day and come out on top.

Download this white paper to find out which powers a Utilization Hero uses to:

  • Drive continuous improvement in scouting and securing A1 talent
  • Taking on global projects with a billable utilization rate above 71 percent
  • Knocking down knowledge silos to beat industry average net profits of 11.4 percent
  • Making the best possible use of data streams and integrated analysis

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