An impressive debut

The Assistance PSA Suite (now the Unit4 PSA Suite), was a newcomer to the SPI Research Report benchmark and came second place with 10% market share.

As the second-most-used Professional Services Automation Solution in this year’s survey, our PSA Suite is the complete solution for fully automating the processes that deliver superior Project Management, providing full support for Professional Services Automation, Human Resources Management, Sales and Opportunity Management, and Financial Management.

How the SPI report can help your PSO business thrive

The benchmark data in the report will give you an accurate comparison with your peers and the market at large.

This year’s report clearly portrays the powerful impact of margin improvements on overall results. In 2016, the number one challenge for the sector is achieving revenue and margin targets – indicating that growth, expansion and competitive pressures are more significantly impacting all PS organizations. Almost on a par with challenges around revenue and margin targets is the global shortage of skilled talent.

The rich data in this benchmark report, is sure to help guide your organization to meet and exceed professional services industry benchmarks.

The report:

  • Tells you how your organization stacks up against industry metrics.
  • Provides industry data you need to support your strategy.
  • Enables you to objectively quantify your organization’s strengths and weaknesses to create an actionable business plan.
  • Tells you where you should invest to yield the highest impact.

Apply the expertise to run a more successful and profitable firm today.

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