How do you shut down "scope creep" before it destroys your project?

Great project leads find a way to go above and beyond their established goals. Unfortunately, some stakeholders tend to think that above and beyond isn't far enough. It's natural for any project to expand as details are filled in and the team responds to forces, both internal and external. It's not natural, though, for stakeholders to start adding requirements mid-stream or for a prominent figure to try to reshape the project in their image.

"Scope creep" will derail your project and drive your team into unprofitable territory. Here are lessons from leading project managers on how to endure the pressures and stay on schedule.

When you download this white paper, you'll learn how to:

  • Stay open to valuable suggestions while tabling counterproductive chatter
  • Say "No" to your boss diplomatically when there are conflicting objectives
  • Stop requests made directly to team members in an attempt to bypass the project lead
  • Discuss budgetary impacts when it's clear that the requested change is a priority

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