How can you win more business, execute more profitably and bill with greater precision?

The old ways don't work anymore. Traditional business relationships drove repeat business, and billing involved both estimation and trust. That world has been replaced by a turbulent market of global actors, oversight organizations and disruptive technologies.

Market leaders have adapted to the challenge with technologies of their own to find new business partners around the world, maximize profitability and create reporting so precise that it can tie each billing entry to a specific action. Go for a deep dive into this advanced platform and probe the limits of the possible.

Download this white paper to go inside Unit4's Professional Services Automation and see:

  • Use cases and first-hand accounts of what the platform has done for businesses
  • How to streamline ERP with competency management and predictive analytics
  • A pathway to reliably hitting gross project margins in excess of 60 percent
  • What the People Platform means for consultants, business managers and project managers

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