Would you like to be able to give your CEO a real-time update on the current financial situation?

A mere 19 percent of CFOs describe their organizational influence as being "strategic." Isn't that an unexpected fact when you consider that the CFO should "master" their company's financial data? If anything, all their actions should be strategy-based.

Flexible, real-time financial analysis is the future of financial reporting in the business sector. Analytics and business partnering are ranked as the main priority among CFOs of mid-sized businesses, even ahead of budgeting and forecasting, according to a survey conducted by CEB.

By downloading this checklist, you will:

  • Learn how to standardize and automate financial procedures
  • See how to optimize important financial tasks and functions
  • Learn how to utilize Unit4's flexible real-time analysis to make reliable predictions
  • See how to achieve a truly effective self-service finance model

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