Discover how self-driving, agile ERP can help you improve institutional effectiveness

Unit4 Business World On! for Education is a unified finance, HR, procurement, projects and asset management system for universities and colleges. Part of Unit4’s fully integrated Education solutions, it delivers tangible benefits and enables you to reach your goals:

  • Improve financial transparency: Have full visibility and control to drive financial efficiency, no matter how large, diverse or fast-changing your institution is.
  • Get the best from your people: Manage all aspects of the hire-to-retire cycle to help get the best from your most important asset – your people.
  • Streamline purchasing processes: Gain much better visibility and control of your institution’s spending and commitments.
  • Keep in control of your projects: Optimize, automate and manage the people and processes involved in even the most complex projects.
  • Focus on operational effectiveness: Maximize efficiency and productivity of your asset and estate management.