Managing Global Projects

Tuesday September 22nd, 4.30pm BST, 5.30pm CEST, 8.30am PT, 11.30am ET

In this webinar we’ll look at:

  • Challenges facing international services companies
  • How technology can drive the efficiencies needed to make major projects profitable
  • Requirements for global project success
  • A real life use case

In recent years, Professional Services has been one of the fastest growing segments of the global economy. One of the main drivers for this has been the ever-growing trend for companies in all other vertical industries to outsource and “out-task” their non-core business functions, processes and technology to specialized service providers.

The long-term impacts of Covid-19 are still emerging, but as surviving businesses look to further improve flexibility and reduce risk, there are clearly still opportunities for Professional Services Organizations (PSOs) in the “new normal”. Larger, international organizations may well have greater resilience to thrive under these conditions, which makes it even more important for PSOs to have the best global project processes and systems in place, to meet these customers’ needs successfully.

Connecting the dots

A playbook for global project management

How do global service businesses overcome the challenges and "connect the dots" to drive complex projects faster, more efficiently and to tighter budgets, while continuing to satisfy customer needs?

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