Ventana Research Perspective: Business Continuity in the Public Sector

Be prepared to overcome and succeed.

Business continuity must be a priority for organizations. In the face of a crisis (though also in normal times), public sector leaders must be able to assess the impact of different scenarios and determine how best to allocate resources as they address changing circumstances.

The finance staff must have the right technology to support a process that enables them to rapidly deliver scenario planning and a reliably accurate picture of the impact on budgets. Dedicated budgeting and planning software deployed in the cloud is the right technology for business continuity.

Drawing on extensive research, Ventana Research has created this short paper to help you understand how to best approach continuity planning. In it, you’ll learn:

  • The importance of having a robust scenario planning process.
  • The leading role finance departments must take in planning for any eventuality.
  • Why picking the right software to support and facilitate your continuity planning will mean the difference between thriving and mere survival.

Be prepared to overcome and succeed.