Halve your ERP implementation time with the Unit4 Nonprofit Industry Model

On-demand video

Enterprise IT projects are no small undertaking. You stand to gain huge benefits from digital transformation, but the effort required of your team can be daunting. Now it doesn't have to be. 

This video will show you how the Nonprofit Model helps you achieve:

  • 35-50% lower implementation effort
  • 50-100% faster project completion
  • Standard best practices built in

At this year's Experience4U, our Senior Solution Manager for Nonprofit, Jeroen Figee, explained the specifics and advantages of our nonprofit industry model. Exploring its differences from the standard approach to ERP implementations and how this helps organizations to quickly see ROI and improvements to their operations. 

Watch to discover the value of implementation projects based on Unit4's Nonprofit Model, developed with the specific needs of the Nonprofit sector in mind and a view to maximizing time-to-value. Plus, easily plan your project in digestible, iterative steps, starting with the basics to gradually transition your data, processes, and people experience in the way that makes the most sense for you.