Webinar: Why do you need a Budget Management, Planning and Reporting Solution?

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Your business deserves better than spreadsheets. Let us show you what’s out there.

Many businesses still rely on spreadsheets as their main sources of data for budget management, planning, and reporting activities. And while Excel has its uses – it has severe limitations. Leaving key members of the Finance team wasting valuable time auditing numbers rather than relying on them to answer the key question: “what should we be doing with our money?”

The limitations of the spreadsheet model of planning are only being highlighted by current conditions. With teams now required to produce and update forecasts and plans continuously, current models are impairing flexibility and preventing the finance team from becoming a true engine of strategic advice for the business.

Sign up for this webinar to hear Craig Schiff, CEO of BPM Partners, discuss the landscape today and what the future holds for the Finance Office, including the challenges Finance teams are still tackling, their aspirations for the future, and how FP&A continues to evolve. Oliver Sullivan, Unit4, covers the benefits that FP&A tools offer, from reducing and even removing mundane, manual tasks from your workload to increased trust in your numbers. And Richard Ludlow, Unit4, provides example case studies of our customers who are using FP&A today and the benefits they are realising as a result.

In this session you’ll discover:

  • Why finance transformation is continuing to drive the adoption of new technologies
  • The changing role of spreadsheets
  • Which specific capabilities users are looking for in new systems
  • How today’s economic reality is shaping planning and reporting systems

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