Are you planning by the numbers, or with the numbers?

On-demand session

First presented as part of our global virtual event X4U, this study covers:

  • How implementing Unit4 FP&A with ERP transformed DOF’s budgeting and forecasting processes.
  • How eliminating spreadsheets and other manual data entry not only improved forecasting, but helped DOF meet the complex requirements of IFRS16 certification.
  • How the entire organization can now plan for multiple different futures instantly – dramatically improving their ability to successfully deliver on large-scale global projects.

Enhance your ERP with financial planning and analysis

Planning is key to decision-making, stakeholder buy-in, budgeting and forecasting, and future success. But if planning isn’t linked to your finances, it becomes a lot more challenging.

To help illustrate how much more efficient, accurate, and actionable your planning process can be when financial data and forecasting are built in from the start, we created this case study webinar showcasing the experiences of our customer, the leading global marine services provider DOF Group.