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Why Now? –
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Amid widespread disruption, driving success across your business requires the cloud.

A modern Financials system is your catalyst for transforming your people and processes.

But a modern Financials system requires flexibility, data visibility, and efficiency that simply aren’t possible with on-premises implementations.

Moving to the cloud is the only way to achieve the kind of power and flexibility your Financials solution needs to support your business. It’s no longer a question of “if” you move – but of when.

3 key reasons to move to the cloud today:

Efficiency and flexibility

A cloud environment makes working together easier and everyone more efficient and flexible

Better decisions faster

The cloud lets you keep focused on your "core business" – and helps you make better decisions

Reduce upgrade costs

Cloud speeds up innovation and digital transformation while keeping upgrade costs down

What our customers say

“It ticked all the boxes. We chose Unit4 Financials because we could easily integrate it with our other systems while at the same time using it to streamline, perform and automate most of the existing processes that required several systems.”

Catherine Beus
Senior General Accountant, Pinnacol Assurance

What does the Unit4 Financials product roadmap look like, and why is cloud important?

Why migrate to Unit4 SaaS?

Explore what benefits companies are reaping in Cloud, explore what Unit4 Financials’ SaaS Service can do, learn more about our methodology and project approach, and what the migration process looks like. Your journey starts with a Cloud Migration Assessment. Learn all about it here!

Why Unit4 Financials cloud and why now?

The costs and savings an organization like yours can expect over 5 years following a Unit4 Financials cloud migration.

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Pinnacol Assurance benefitting from the cloud

Learn how Colorado’s leading provider of worker’s compensation insurance saved 582 hours a year with Unit4 Financials.

Read Pinnacol Assurance' story
Your Unit4 Financials cloud journey starts here.

This handy step-by-step guide takes you through everything you need to know to implement your Unit4 Financials cloud solution faster.

See how it's done

Why does it make sense to move to Unit4 Financials Saas? - Hear from our customers

The Unit4 Financials customers Wallenius Wilhelmsen and University of South Florida are two of all customers who decided to migrate to the cloud. But why? Hear their story in this short video.

What are the quick wins from moving to Saas? 

They also experienced multiple benefits straight after their cloud migration. In this short video they are sharing their view on the most important quick wins. Want to learn more? Watch the full interview here

Time for the next step on your cloud journey.

With this 35-min webinar we would like to answer questions related to cloud security, onboarding, and the value of cloud, to help make your next steps smoother and faster. 

  • How Unit4 can help you articulate the value of cloud to your internal stakeholders
  • What value-added Cloud onboarding services are delivered by Unit4
  • How Unit4 delivers solutions on a best-in-class information security platform

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Why move to cloud? Take the right decision based on a business case

Discover how moving to Unit4 Financials in the cloud could save you over €13,000 every month.

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