Is now the right time to move to the cloud?

Report: COVID-19 crisis and cloud-based ERP

We wanted to understand the market impact of COVID-19 on Cloud ERP strategies and infrastructure decisions and how remote working is changing our consumption of the cloud and other key technologies.  

Our latest whitepaper reveals the results of this survey, including the benefits of cloud for those already using it and what the future holds beyond the pandemic, according to decision-makers.

Download the report today and see what the cloud ERP of tomorrow will look like.

In this research paper, we look for answers to critical questions, like:

  • What impact do crises, like COVID-19, have on IT leaders and their ERP plans?
  • Has the shift to remote working affected perceptions around cloud and digital transformation?
  • How is remote working changing how we consume cloud and other key technologies?
  • Has all this made the need for cloud ERP more important than ever?