New updates can help your complex projects

Unit4 ERP 7.6 Insight Webinar
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Our latest update gives you seamless performance across all your functions, to handle even the most complicated projects. Unit4 ERP gives you an integrated solution that delivers visibility and control over finances, projects, procurement, reporting, forecasting and payroll. And we're continually evolving how we do this, and our latest update improves functionality and transforms how you work.  

Watch this recording to discover why the latest updates matter

It will cover: 

  • the latest enhancements
  • a detailed discussion of functionality enhancements
  • localizations available with the update
The video lasts 60 minutes, but if you're short of time, the first 10 minutes give a brief overview of what you can expect from the latest update. 

Unit4 ERP 7.6 Highilghts

Manage complex global projects with ease
Unit4 ERP 7.6 improves project outcomes by making planning and resourcing your most complex projects simpler and more effective. Now you can:

  • Manage different legal requirements across multiple entities within a single project
  • Reduce complexity and improve reporting and billing accuracy
  • Easily collaborate across multiple companies to improve project success

Collaborate for success
Work together across multiple legal entities to improve collaboration, streamline work, and provide customers with an improved service. Now you can:  
  • Update resourcing functionality for companies working with different legal entities 
  • Simplify intercompany timesheets, cost differentiation and invoicing
  • Improve reporting, planning and forecasting, and reduce time spent on manual entry

Enhance your people experience
Improve your user and customer experience with greater transparency and simplified processes. Unit4 ERP 7.6:
  • Simplifies expense processes and improves timesheet data
  • Heightens your field service mobile experience, with smoother feedback and service order processing as well as richer functionality for field engineers
  • Enhances user experience features for payroll, requisition, logistics and digital assistance
You can also read more about the Unit4 ERP 7.6 update in our blog.