Unit4 ERP – providing strength in simplicity for one of the UK’s most complex companies

On-demand session

At this year’s fully virtual Experience4U, our customers at Magnox walked us through how they used Unit4 ERP to help streamline operations across ten nuclear sites. Consolidating processes across HR, Finance, Procurement, projects, and AP into a single unified system with one working method. Enhancing project outcomes and making their employees’ lives easier through enhanced data access.

Watch this session on demand to learn how Magnox used Unit4 ERP to:

  • Help its people to more easily complete work through increased accessibility and streamlined processes.
  • Improve compliance through better data consistency.
  • Remain stable throughout the COVID-19 crisis with minimal project disruption.
You’ll also discover why Magnox chose to make their journey to the cloud with Unit4 ERP, how the implementation process unfolded, and the benefits of moving vital IT infrastructure off premise – in everything from security to efficiency.