Institutional Yoga

Changing demographics. Rising Expectations. New delivery models.

...Same old technology?

The future is uncertain. But the demand for education isn’t going anywhere; it's simply changing.

Institutions need standardized administrative architecture with the operational flexibility to meet demands and expectations, engage learners where they are, and deliver exceptional student experiences whatever the delivery model.

Whatever your term and fee structure, however your curriculum is designed, Unit4 Higher Education solutions enable your people to configure and reconfigure operations the way it makes sense for them. It allows you to serve students in ways that help them achieve their goals.

Learning is a lifelong pursuit for your people and your students; shouldn't it be the same for your institution?

Join us for institutional yoga. Gain the flexibility your institution needs to meet the future and make the most of its opportunities.
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Start by reading Education Dive's 2020 Industry Outlook Report (sponsored by Unit4) to learn how institutions are embracing flexibility with technology, data, and people to survive.

Breathe through the challenges
“Innovation is an offer that higher education can't refuse, as institutions increasingly recognize that yesterday is no template for tomorrow. Institutional leaders are working especially hard to change students' experiences and outcomes and to attract more and new types of learners.”

For an in-depth look into the 10 main priorities that will inform IT change in Higher Education this year – and why digital integration, student-centric approaches, and administrative simplification rank high amongst them – check out EDUCAUSE’s 2020 Priorities report.

Train your institution for change

To discover more about how you can create a culture in your institution that embraces flexibility and enables change, read our recent blog post on Change Management by Unit4’s Strategic Business Architect Elfie Smith.

Learn why we're ahead of the curve

“Service enterprises need very agile enterprise software to quickly respond and out-innovate the competition on services. That agility can only be enabled efficiently with a modern platform, one that allows the easy integration and superior automation of tasks. And Unit4 does this with Unit4 Extension Kit and Unit4 Smart Services Automation.”
See how we're helping institutions rise to the occasion

Manchester Metropolitan University

Learn how we helped Manchester Metropolitan University deliver a better experience to its 38,000 students, improve admission and retention rates without lowering standards, and eliminate duplicate processes to significantly reduce admin load.

See the case study

Cranfield University

See how Unit4 helped Cranfield University make cumulative savings of over £1,000,000 (with recurring annual savings of £90,000) by eliminating the costly roadblocks, risks, and restrictions of an outdated ERP system.

See the case study

Selkirk College

And how Selkirk College and Vancouver Island University collaborated to select Unit4’s cloud-based finance, HR, and student management systems, saving $1,100,000 and 5,700 hours in implementation costs alone.

See the case study

Ready to start flexing? 

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