Connecting the dots

A playbook for global project management

In this playbook, you’ll discover the advantages of:

  • Having a single space for project planning and budgeting
  • Increased project cost visibility
  • Having one place for local, regional or global time and expense entry
  • Fewer inefficiencies in intercompany charging
  • A better way to manage global projects
Global projects: See the bigger picture

As organizations emerge from the effects of Covid-19, for PSOs, resilience for the future to make global projects a success no matter what challenges they face will become crucial.

Our latest playbook shines a light on how you can overcome global challenges and connect the dots between a multitude of entities that exist for various fiscal, legal, or organizational reasons.

What we see is a lot of people from different companies, working together on one single project. They are allocated to the project not based on their location but based on their skills and availability. Meaning people will need to cross company boundaries to perform project tasks. This playbook shows you how to achieve that in the most optimal way possible.

Download our ‘Global Projects’ Playbook.